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September 13, 2012

Videos are an ideal way for schools to reach out to new students. Any time of the day or night, prospective students can connect with your video from wherever they are on the planet.

And if your institution attracts or hopes to attract large numbers of out-of-province and international students, online video is the cheapest and most effective route to reach out.

Last year, China sent 50 000 students to Canada. If one of these prospective students came to your institution’s website, what would she find? Will she be able to see videos showing your instructors in action, teaching and consulting with students? Will she be able hear student testimonials – young people speaking directly to her concerns and questions? Will she see why your campus is such a dynamic place through in-progress classes, extra-curricular activities and sporting events? Or will she be faced with long columns of text broken up with campus photos?

Don’t get me wrong- text and photos absolutely have their place on a website, especially when you need to convey a lot of concrete information. But where video works brilliantly is at the emotional level – helping prospective students feel welcome and engaged from their home computer anywhere in the world.

But it’s not just a feeling: the effect of videos on web traffic are very real: sites with videos have far lower bounce rates (users who visit but don’t click or stay), and exponentially higher average times on their sites. The longer a visitor stays on your site, the more chance to connect with your school. And having a video on your site increases your chances of being on the first page of Google’s search results by 53 times. And with almost 50 per cent of online users hailing from Asia—and another 25 per cent from Europe— the number of international eyes each video you put up is astonishing.

The University hired us to create two videos for prospective students – basically giving them an insider’s look into the cutting edge facilities, the passionate faculty and avant-garde creations by former and current students. What’s more, students are talking about the job offers they’re receiving and see why this department is so relevant to their careers and goals.

Is it working? Like gangbusters. The University is not only using this video on the department’s website, but also in their email marketing, at live presentations at high schools and colleges, and running in a loop at booths at education fares. They’ll be tracking how their online video marketing is working, seeing who is viewing these two videos and from where. This will allow them to see where viewers are sharing and exchanging the videos online, through YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. And they’ll be checking the number of ‘opens’ through their e-newsletters views. The video has just gone online, but they’re already seeing results with the rapidly growing number of people viewing the videos. They expect to see a growth in the number of student inquires at both departments over the next two semesters-and they’ll be tracking it!

To discover how your educational institution can can online video to reach potential students, contact us for more information.

This article was posted on September 13, 2012 at 1:30 in the Corporate, Schools category.

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