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October 17, 2012

7 ideas to get you started

Humans learn, share and even make buying and donating decisions based on stories. It’s one of human kind’s oldest and most fundamental ways to communicate. And sharing stories in the form of video is another excellent way to connect clients with your business.

But sometimes businesses have trouble recognizing the amazing stories right in front of them. It can take someone looking from outside your organization to see the trees in the forest, and tease out the great narratives that will humanize your company.

Here are just a few examples of the kinds of fascinating stories that exist in your organization that would draw viewers and potential customers to your brand:

  1. Your history: What was your company’s beginnings- humble or grand? What challenges did it have to overcome to get off the ground? Part way along, what almost ‘blew your ship off course’ or nearly sunk it entirely? Have your products had to change over time? The hows and whys of all these would make for more than one fascinating yarn.
  2. The celebrity factor: Is there a famous person connected to your product, even in an indirect way? Is there a local celebrity who always wears your brand, or a pop star who goes out of her way to visit your shop when she’s in town? Is there a spokesperson with a special connection to your product? Tell it and flaunt it!
  3. Day in the kife: It’s always fascinating to peek into someone else’s world. What’s it like to be on your production line? In your product development team? On the packing and delivery line, making sure all the orders get to where they need to go? Complex logistics and the real people behind the machine can make for great viewing.
  4. Good deeds:What does your company do to make a difference in the community? Does it support one charitable organization? How did it pick that cause? How do you come together as a team to raise funds or goods for a worthy issue? Answering those questions will inspire feel-good stories that will touch your clients and reinforce team spirit among your staff.
  5. Face time: Who are the faces that make up your team? From upper management to customer service to the people on the assembly line: how can you let the outside world get to know them and what they do?
  6. Small stories with big impact: What extra distance do your employees go to make your products so special? What unseen extra effort goes into getting your goods to market? What special care or small gesture takes your products beyond the ordinary? These are the kinds of small gestures that create wonderful narratives.
  7. Celebrate achievements: Inside your walls is an amazing array of unsung heroes; whether it’s the fork lift driver dad who coaches hockey for three different kids’ teams, the administrative assistant who delivers Meals on Wheels, or the lunch hour jogging group that has collectively lost 75 kilos this year. Share the stories that give a human face to your organization and help your clients connect to you.

It can be hard to take a step back and see one’s own organization in a fresh light. A production company that’s experienced in finding these narratives and weaving visually compelling images into a greater video narrative can help your clients view your brand in a whole new light. Reach out to find out how to use storytelling to connect with your potential and current customers.

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