Video thank-yous for non-profits: Creative & affordable ways to acknowledge donors

November 15, 2012

If your organization is looking for a creative way to thank donors after peak fundraising season, one that will get them to engage further with your cause and that needn’t break your budget, a video thank you could be the way to go.

A sincerely and creatively done thank you video can warm hearts, be easily shared and encourage repeat donations. You can deliver it via email, or spread your thanks far and wide via your website, Facebook page, Twitter account and other social media.

For inspiration, we’ve put together a quick viewing list of six of our favourite thank you videos. We’ve organized them from low budget options upwards:

Low to medium budget options
  1. Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières’s director speaking frankly to camera intercut with photos of the organization in action– it’s quietly effective and things can’t get simpler or less inexpensive than this:
  2. Thank You For Your Support In 2011!

  3. The Nature Conservancy’s scientists each say a simple but heartfelt thanks, set against the beautiful lands that the donations are helping to preserve:
  4. Our Scientists Say Thanks

  5. Operation Smile got their own staff to film on handy cams and mobile phones, then used a professional editor to incorporate photos to create this fast paced, inspiring thank you:
  6. Thank you from the Operation Smile Family

    Medium to high budget options
  7. This Carleton University video is definitely professional: it has a tight script, was shot elegantly against one background and then deftly edited to music. It lets viewers see who their donations helped, all in under 1 minute:
  8. Thank You, Donors

  9. If your organization’s cause is helping cute kids or adorable animals, capitalize on it! The American SPCA used a professional video team and a cast of cute animals to great effect in this sweetly shareable holiday thank you:
  10. Happy Holidays from the ASPCA

  11. For the past several years, John Hopkins University has gotten faculty and students to annually create a memorable music and dance extravaganza thank you video that has donors and the university community eagerly awaiting the next edition. Coordinating the complex dance numbers, locations and many people involved is a chunk of the budget – so if you have a strong volunteer and/or communications team, a video like this could even price in the mid range. Here is their 2011 video:
  12. Thank You For All You Do — Johns Hopkins University

Feeling inspired to consider creating your own donor thank you? Whether you’re thinking 100% DIY, professional production or something in between, contact us to discuss potential options for your organization.

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