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Plan twice, shoot once!

January 16, 2013

Elvira Truglia, Communications Manager & Web Producer at Girls Action Foundation, wanted to create a resource video for her organization’s community partners. She wanted a video that would spotlight what’s working best in leadership programs for young women and girls and enlisted the help of Picture This Productions to make it happen. We asked Elvira to share her advice for other organizations looking to work with a production company.

Elvira started with the fundamentals: “Think about what kind of video you would like to produce. Consider aesthetics and the importance of the production value. What skills do you have the capacity to complete in-house and what will you need to fill externally? With the multitude of production companies in the market, carefully research production companies, as well as the work they have completed.”

Once she had gone through that research and decided Picture This fit her needs, Elvira met with us to map out what she needed for her organization’s video. With a media background, Elvira decided to take a more hands-on approach than many clients when it came to pre-production. She took the lead in preparing the video concept and shooting script, coordinating logistics and lining up participants.

Then Picture This worked with Elvira to make her and the participants, some first-timers on camera, feel at ease about taking part in a video shoot. “We all made an effort to create a ‘safer place’ and make participants feel comfortable with the process, and not to be intimidated by the cameras and crew,” Elvira said. Interview questions were prepared in advance, and participants were briefed about the direction of the video and what to expect during the shoot.

Elvira, like Picture This, is a big believer in putting in the time in preparation so the shoot will go more smoothly. “Make sure you allow enough time for pre-production – it can make or break a shoot,” Elvira added.

Overall, Elvira notes that the shoot went as she had hoped, with only a few challenges in the process – one being the discovery of how long it can take to light a location for a two camera shoot. “The set up took a bit longer than expected and one participant arrived later than anticipated. but we managed to pick up the time later on,” Elvira said. Sometimes, no amount of planning can account for life’s little curveballs, “The only surprise was getting stuck in the elevator at the end of the shoot,” Elvira recalls, “Luckily we were able to trouble shoot!”

Her final suggestion is that it is of the upmost importance for open communication with the production company in order to clarify everyone’s role, “Don’t be shy about asking questions; ask as many as you need until you feel comfortable with the process. This is your video, and one that you are investing time and resources to produce!”

Girls Action Foundation

The Girls Action Foundation resource video is currently in post-production- with a second edit to be ready for Elvira to view next week.

Need more information on the production process? Don’t be shy to ask us!

With a network of over 240 community partners, the Girls Action Foundation reaches over 60,000 women across Canada in marginalized communities as far reaching as the North, building their skills in order to build confidence and inspire action to change the world.

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