How video can transform your website into a true sales tool

January 24, 2013

For some smaller businesses, a static website with text and images may be all they need, acting like an online print brochure. But in 2013, more companies want their websites to work more effectively and to better engage clients.

A website incorporating well-placed and targeted videos is one way to do that – using videos front and centre on your site can encourage clients to further explore your products and services, and then move those clients to action – to email, call to speak to a sales associate and even buy online.

Take one case study, Boston-based Custom Made. Custommade.com is a website that brings together talented independent manufacturers with buyers who want custom-made furniture, jewellery and other crafted products created for them.

When you visit their website, what’s the first thing you see? A short and engaging video explaining the service placed across the top of the page with the words “Watch how it works” across it. In less than 2 minutes, custommade.com sets up what they do, who they are and what they offer. They establish their service as unique, trustworthy and definitely worth further exploration.

As you visit the site, there are other videos, always top of the page so you can’t miss them. In these videos, which are always under 2 minutes each, you meet the fabricators, see the quality of their work, learn more about how easy it is to use the service, and feel further reassured by hearing from satisfied clients. This website is a perfect example of online video as a hard-working sales tool – the videos act as brochure, FAQ, and 24 hour first contact salesperson rolled onto one.

Not every company can afford to make several videos. Sometimes, one video can do the job. A single, carefully-constructed video featured top of your home page is a strong start to explaining and differentiating your product, services and team. As a bonus, Google ranks video highly so more customers searching for you will find your site more quickly than a site without video. And web visitors stay on sites with videos longer than those without. The longer clients stay on your site and explore your products and services, the larger the potential for gaining a new customer, donor or supporter.

A video can’t solve all of your marketing issues. But a relatively small investment can turn your website from a static listing of your services and products, to one that engages your clients.

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