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Customer service videos: Answer FAQs and help your clients use your products with online video

April 17, 2013

Have you noticed great customer service from a shop in your neighbourhood? It probably means the sales team knows their products deeply, and takes the time to understand each client’s needs. They listen to and guide clients, helping them make the right purchase. And if a customer needs more help after the sale, the shop provides additional support by phone or in person. So how do you recreate this kind of supportive experience online?

According to Connecting with Customers Report, a January 2013 study from LivePerson Inc., 83% of online shoppers need some kind of online support, while 71% of visitors expect to be able to access help within five minutes when purchasing online. The use of online videos combined with social media can mimic and, indeed, create a unique shopping environment that is close to a live experience.

Online videos can walk clients through a product’s features, answer frequently asked questions, and show how to install or set-up products. And by connecting the videos and the larger website to social media like Facebook or Twitter, email, and for bigger operations, live operators or video chat, a site can provide that personal customer support connection for its clients.

Need some inspiration from companies doing it well? Here are a few examples of brands, both big and small, who are using video, complimented by social media, to serve their clients in unique ways.

Showing the product in action

Lowepro, a camera bag maker, offers ‘in action’ product videos for its camera bags. These professionally-made, stylish videos help customers compare the features of different types of bags. Smartly, they’ve also embedded a Twitter and Facebook share button on to each video:

FAQs on product use

La-Z-Boy has many nifty resources on its website to help clients make a stylish choice. And they’re using short videos to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) – like showing how to fold up their fold-up sofas step-by-step or offering tips on how to recline their recliner is as silently as possible.

These boots were made for walking

www.heels.com has a clear approach. Their 8 second videos show customers what each pair of shoes look like on a pair of walking feet. Brilliantly simple.

Instructional videos

If you’ve ever sat with Ikea instructions spread out on the ground, an Allen key in hand and hundreds of nuts and bolts around you, you can appreciate how useful Ikea’s “how to build it” videos are. Using animation, fun music and live people putting together each piece, clients are walked through product setup, step-by-step. If you still have questions, you can post them on the YouTube page and a service rep replies (although often by telling you to call their 1-800 number to speak to a customer service rep).

Video tutorials

Clear Sounds, a company that specializes in phone solutions for the mildly to moderately hearing impaired, produced these no frills yet professional videos demonstrating functions on their phones. They also have promotional product videos that show off the features of their products – and a link on their website to an old-fashioned, live telephone operator.

These are just a few ways that video can enhance and improve your clients’ online experience. Want a quote or a deeper understanding of how product videos might work for your website and products? Contact us and we’ll take your through it, step by step.

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