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The long and short of it: What is the best video length?

May 1, 2013

Studies have shown average online video viewership drops off at around 60 seconds. With each passing second after that first minute, more viewers click away. But here’s an interesting bit of information: when two videos start off exactly the same way, viewers will click away sooner if they know the video is long. Given the exact same opening, when viewers know a video is short- 2 minutes or less- they have a far greater tendency to watch it to the end.

These are all great reasons to keep your online video short and to the point. But what if your video needs to be longer? What if it’s a training tool or informational video that needs to convey crucial information? Videos being shown to a captive or live audience can be longer. But what if you could take parts of that longer video and repurpose them into shareable, engaging online content?

This is exactly how we’re working with our clients more and more: non-profits and businesses are increasingly finding they can stretch their marketing dollars by crafting one longer video for specific needs, and then repurposing and recutting it into short videos that they are using and reusing, throughout their website and on social media channels.

Two of our clients, non-profits Girls Action Foundation and La Fondation Ste Croix/Heriot, each needed a longer video for use within their organization. But their communications and marketing people also understood that for the web, brief is best. Both requested we work with them to craft videos that could easily be broken up into stand-alone 60-100 second mini-videos. Suddenly, they had 10 new opportunities to share what they do via Twitter and Facebook, by linking to each video individually.

This tactic works well for product videos, too. Put several products together in a longer video when rolling out a new product line. But when distributors or clients request info on a specific product, a one minute video focuses on the requested product in action.

If you plan ahead, working in conjunction with a seasoned producer, you can get extra mileage out of your video. Thinking about your video in discrete chapters and sections will help you, down the road. What about your preexisting videos, can they be broken down into smaller chunks? Possibly, but it will cost you a little more – a skilled editor will need to slice and dice your video, tear it apart, stick it back together, and smooth out the bumps.

Of course, no matter what length the video is, it has to be well crafted and engaging from the opening frames. How do you know it’s working? You can easily test your video’s effectiveness using video analytics. Detailed video analytics can keep you informed about who is watching your videos, where they are watching from and exactly where they click off. With this key information, you can hone your videos messaging and effectiveness.

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