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Sony FS700

Our princely new arrival: Meet our bouncing new Sony FS700

August 1, 2013

The news may not be exactly right up there with Kate and William’s cooing prince, but we’re very proud of the newest addition to our family. This week we welcome the latest HD camera to our stable of gear, and for us…it’s a game changer. It’s the latest cutting edge equipment that will allow us a wide range of really awesome image possibilities.

The Sony FS700 is a very special camera. It may be ugly in a way that only a mother could love it, as the wide-bodied, boxy-looking Sony is not exactly handsome. But unlike most HD video cameras around, this new Sony has a unique inner beauty – it has the same big 35mm-film-size, light-gathering chip behind the lens that DSLR (digital still photo) cameras have, and it creates comparable-quality images to what 35mm motion picture cameras do.

But unlike the Canon 5D, it isn’t a still camera that happens to shoot video; it is a purpose-built HD video camera with all the controls and options that cinematographers need to work with, but able to give similar or better image quality previously only available with HD-DSLR digital cameras. This means really beautiful results when we shoot in low light situations or if we want that sharp foreground/fuzzy background look that people associate with that very desirable “feature-film look”.

Unlike any previous HD video cameras we worked with, the FS700 can be fitted with various interchangeable lenses, like 35mm close-up, wide angle or zoom lenses. Suddenly, all our old but beautiful Nikon lenses tucked away in a drawer can be used again!

Also this camera is able to “overcrank” – that is, shoot more frames per second (fps) than the normal speed of 24 fps. This camera can capture up to 960 fps, which makes really astonishing slow-motion shots possible. The camera is also 4K-ready, meaning a simple firmware update will make it able to handle the new ultra-high definition TV standards expected to arrive in broadcast television in a few years.

Picture This is proud to be on the cutting edge with equipment like this, allowing us to offer the people we work with spectacular image possibilities. And like a new baby, the FS700 will grow with us – becoming more and more useful as we learn more and more about the creative possibilities, and even more as we add to its features with accessories and technical updates.

Check out this link, where you can see some test footage that shows what this camera is capable of doing.

Ready to have us shoot your picture perfect video? Contact us to take our FS700 for a spin on your project.

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