When to use video

When to use video – and when not to!

September 19, 2013

You’ve likely read the impressive stats of how having video on your website can improve your searchability on the net, boost conversions and turn visitors into buyers.

It’s absolutely true that video is a very effective online marketing, promotions and educational tool. But there are times when it’s just not the right tool for the job. So when should you be thinking video, and when would other types of online media actually do a better job?

  1. When You Have Reams of Facts and Figures
    While video is the perfect medium to convey excitement, passion and emotion, it’s not a great place to try to get across copious amounts of hard information. There are times when selected hard statistics or numbers can work brilliantly in a video – particularly when they’re part of a strong script supported by animation, powerful visuals and/or interview testimonial clips. But if you need a venue to reel off figures, statistics and dates, a video isn’t your best choice.
  2. When Your Audience Needs To Go At Their Own Pace
    If you have a complex process to convey or a multi-faceted product to explain to your audience, video likely isn’t the route to go. You’ll want to rethink using video if the information in the video is so dense that your audience is going to have to repeatedly pause and replay sections over and over again. Or alternately, if they will have to slog through tons of information they don’t need to get to important nuggets, they’ll be tempted to fast-forward and risk missing the important parts.Videos work best when they create a guided, controlled stream of information. That’s an asset in many promotional situations but not the best scenario when people need to learn or absorb info at their own pace. This is a case where an interactive menu with text and screenshots might best do the trick.
So when should you use video?

Video has many strengths and it’s the optimal tool for many aspects of a website. Here are some of the many ways you can (and should) use video in your online marketing:

  • Introducing a product or service: Video is strong at introducing a product or a website. When you want to introduce something new, or get people excited or keen to learn more, a short video can get the ball rolling. Leave the lengthy, complex explanations for the larger website.
  • Establishing trust: Featuring real clients or employees on camera in your video is an excellent vehicle for establishing transparency and trust. Think of video for customer testimonials, introducing your employees or CEO or letting audiences see inside your workplace or production process.
  • Product demonstrations: Video is very useful for product demonstrations – use a short video or videos when you want to show how to install or set up a product. It’s also useful as an in-house team training tool, especially when you want to standardize a process.

Not sure if a video is quite what you need? Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your project!

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