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Don’t cheap out! 7 reasons you should hire a professional video crew

October 2, 2013

With everyone owning a cell phone that shoots reasonable quality video, are there still good reasons to hire a professional video crew to film your organization’s event?

Couldn’t a recent film school graduate be hired for hundred of dollars less than an established company to do the job?

Read on to find out why a cheap sticker price could be far more costly, in many unexpected ways.

  1. Heavy lifting: Professional video companies don’t just come with a nice camera. They also bring all the additional gear that transforms the ordinary image into something inspiring. They routinely carry tripods, monopods, dolly wheels, a slider, a teleprompter and more. Without these essential pieces of professional gear, chances are high your final images will look amateurish.
  2. Painting with light: Painting and sculpting with light is what turns ordinary images into extraordinary ones. A talented camera crew brings lighting kits and knows how to use them. They can take a dim or flatly lit environment and within 30-60 minutes, turn it into a visually interesting frame to feature your products or people.
  3. Making everyone look like a star: Filming a CEO with reflections on her glasses, oily sweat spots on his forehead or with bad lighting that makes him blend into the background looks amateur and shows off your organization poorly. A professional crew comes equipped with an emergency make-up kit and plenty of tricks on hand to light everyone to their most photogenic. And when your team looks great, everything comes across better.
  4. Sound: Beautiful pictures are just part of the process; without good quality sound recording, half the message is lost. An experienced video crew will bring professional quality microphones, microphone stands and other sound recording gear to get the best possible sound even in less than ideal-sounding environments.
  5. Edit-ready footage: A trained videographer has been doing this job for years – he or she knows where to place the camera to get the best shots and how to access the best perspectives to film. And a trained crew will never just give you one or two basic angles. They’ll capture the event from creative, interesting and useful vantage points, ensuring your editor will have everything needed to cut a great video.
  6. Tech savvy: In today’s world, with so many different kinds of digital cameras, it’s easy for an amateur to set a camera to the improper frame rate. An inexperienced camera person may accidentally set the frame rate to be out of synch with the available lighting, giving a flickering effect. Not setting or improperly setting the white balance is another common amateur error, resulting in oddly coloured footage that will take extra time and money to correct in the edit suite. An experienced cameraperson will always know to set the gear up right from the start to avoid editing disasters down the road.
  7. Trouble shooting: The two rules of shooting are that unexpected things will go wrong and shooting will usually take longer than planned. When that happens, an experienced team will be able to hone in on what is essential. They’ve dealt with crises both big and small, from a skittish on-camera employee to products that don’t perform as expected. Their experience gives them the tools to take a potential on-set crisis and find ways to turn it into a filming opportunity.

So while trying to go DIY or with a recent film grad may seem to save dollars at first glance, the need to reshoot the footage or spend big in the editing process later makes it more prudent to go with professionals from the start.

Would you like to explore what an experienced crew could do for your project? Contact us for a free quote.

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