Four ways to use video

Four ways to use video brilliantly at your next corporate event!

November 7, 2013

From welcoming the crowd, to inspiring the reluctant, to happy reminiscing at event’s end, to bringing them back next year: see how video can make a difference at your event!

  1. Welcome videos
    Most corporate events begin with a welcome of some kind. Often it’s an industry leader or CEO, delivering a speech, perhaps armed with a Power Point presentation. If you’re lucky enough to have a charming, funny or charismatic speaker, it may launch things on the right note. But chances are, this kind of presentation will be ho-hum at best. What can video do better? In fairness, that depends on the video. Video is an emotionally powerful tool, and the right kind of video can stir up excitement and enthusiasm – like a movie preview that makes you want to see the rest of the movie. Done creatively, a video can hint at or outright highlight the opportunities and experiences awaiting attendees. It might share some particularly compelling stories about the industry or those it serves. Whatever form it takes, a motivating video that hooks viewers with its storytelling power will help create a great launch event.
  2. Winning over the reluctant
    Unfortunately, not everyone at your event may be there willingly – some attendees may be mandated by their boss, or simply trying to get out of the office. But not all is lost. Using the uniquely evocative ability of video, you can help convert a mundane experience into an inspirational moment. Everyone remembers a moment they were sitting in a movie theatre, totally enthralled and engaged – captivated by the story. In the same way, video can be used to captivate your audience.Striking the right chords via an emotive, effective corporate video can be part of making your attendees’ experiences memorable, all the while creating branding and future marketing opportunities for your event!
  3. Summing it up: closing, candid or “happy faces” video
    Popular and always appreciated, a short ‘candids’ or ‘happy faces’ video recaps the event near its end. Typically, a small crew can capture a slice of everything that went on during the event: networking, panel discussions, guest speakers, break-out sessions, award ceremonies and recreational outings. Some event planners take advantage of having so many key people in one location to create a special area to film interviews – either using a green screen background or in a secluded room.Then an on-site editor works quickly to put together a short, dynamic and fun presentation that will be shown just before the end of the gathering-usually at a closing event banquet or party, and projected on a loop on a screen at the hotel or exhibition hall.This kind of video is an important promotional tool at the event’s end. It acts as a reminder to attendees of the contacts they’ve made, knowledge they’ve shared and wonderful time they had. This video will stand as one of their lasting memories of the event, inspiring a positive emotional connection to return to next year’s event. Clever marketers will post this video immediately to their social media sites and send it in a closing email so attendees can widely share where they were and what it was all about.
  4. The Grow Conference for entrepreneurs in Vancouver took advantage of having their speakers in one place to create this video:

  5. Maximize your ROI: Repurpose the footage!
    The video team will have captured several hours of footage highlighting the people, events and strengths of the event. You can maximize your ROI by having an editor recut this footage to create one or more promotional videos to use throughout the year to promote the next event. Judiciously done, these videos can be launched at key points throughout year, and used as teasers featured on your website, included in marketing emails, and posted on all of your social media accounts.

Contact us to talk about how we can help energize your next corporate event with video and help you turn humdrum into drum-roll-please!

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