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Penny Pinching: Keeping Your Video On Budget

February 3, 2015

Professional video production reaps big rewards but takes financial commitment. And once you’ve settled on that amount, you want to be sure your project sticks to it. Here are six useful money-saving tips to keep your production in the black.

1)   Dream, Brainstorm But Then Commit!

Having a written plan and sticking to it is the best way to stay on budget. Start with many ideas at the scripting stage, but once you’ve settled on the written content, stick to it closely like you would to an architectural blueprint. As in building a house, once you deviate from the blueprint, costs start spiraling. Sure you can decide to put on a balcony or add windows where there weren’t any. But there will be costs, often big ones. The same will happen if you decide to add scenes on set, after the day has been carefully planned out minute by minute and shot by shot. Keep to the plan to keep costs in check!

2)   Double and Triple Check

Help your production team get it right the first time – be sure to read and re-read the script and narration before filming. Re-recording is a non-budgeted item  and it also takes extra time you may not have. Being thorough before the camera rolls will greatly reduce any chance of error, and added costs.

3)   Be Timely!

During the pre-production stage, the production company you’ve hired should help you get organized by preparing a step-by-step production calendar or schedule. This will let you know when you need to submit materials and give approvals and comments. Keeping to the schedule and giving your feedback when it’s expected will allow the whole project to flow smoothly and on budget.

4)   Be Organized

Your production company will help with this, but you as a client are a key player. Make sure filming locations will be available the day of the shoot, that any employee appearing on camera is forewarned and ready with the right wardrobe and tools. If an interviewee is late or you have to scramble last minute to find a new spot to film, your crew is left waiting and this will impact your production costs. Put your best organizational skills to work!

5)   Let Yourself Be Heard

Don’t be shy when you are on set. If you are at the shoot (and it is important to have at least one company representative there at all times) watch the footage on the monitor as it is being filmed. If something doesn’t look right, tell the crew right away so they can resolve the issue immediately. It is better to re-shoot in the moment, than it is to voice your concern once the team has left or is in the edit suite. Reshoots are costly and you want to avoid them.

6)   Have a Head Honcho

A committee is a great place to launch the idea to make a video. But during the video process you need one person in charge of giving feedback and directions to the video crew, and one person to sign off on decisions. Whatever your process behind the scenes, debate ideas out and come back with clear directions for the crew. It will avoid endless revisions that bring your project over budget.

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