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Aselin, Riki and Jack clapping for the camera operator

A New Documentary In Production!

February 27, 2015

We’ve begun filming on a fascinating new documentary titled “Seen & Heard”. This one-hour film will follow a mixed Deaf and hearing theatre troupe, Seeing Voices Montreal, from first auditions to final curtain call – as they go through the adventures of mounting an original play. The story will follow the personal life and theatrical challenges of actors who must somehow communicate in 4 languages : English, French, LSQ (langue de signe quebecoise), and ASL (American Sign Language) both on and off-stage. What happens back-stage, on-stage and in their off-stage lives will shine a spotlight on those in the deaf and hard of hearing communities who often live largely unnoticed in the larger hearing world. Filming started in January and will continue into summer 2015, with post-production slated to begin in August.  Follow the behind-the-scenes production with photos, video and more at:

Twitter @seenandhearddoc

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