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Getting Viewer Eyeballs To Your B2B YouTube Videos : Seven Important Optimizing Tips

March 10, 2015

With over 1 million mobile views per day, YouTube is an important stop for B2B companies posting online video marketing content. But what are the best ways to ensure your video is widely viewed by the right target audience?  Read below for 7 important tips:

1.     Think About Your Youtube Aesthetic

Brand continuity is essential. YouTube allows you to personalize your channel by adding a logo and choosing a custom colour for your video player. Having a YouTube page that is consistent with your website and/or social media accounts plays an important role in reminding viewers who you are. When they recognize your brand’s colours, logo or name, they will likely select your video to watch.

2.     Think About Your YouTube Aging Process

Part of your YouTube page maintenance is also to update your video dates regularly so that viewers aren’t being directed to videos that were last updated in 2008. Even if your video is dated or has been online for some time, try editing a few tags or updating your text. This will refresh your “last updated” date on the bottom left-hand side of your video. Fresh content gets more clicks!

3.     Tag It Like You Mean It

Just like Google, YouTube will drive traffic to your videos depending on keywords. Tagging your videos with relevant keywords will allow audiences to find your content in their search. YouTube considers smart tagging to be so essential that, until recently, they had created a built-in keyword tool. They’ve now replaced it with paid options, but to find some free alternatives, visit: http://www.reelseo.com/4-free-keyword-research-tools/.

So, how do you tag successfully? Use single words as well as phrases, and put yourself in the mindset of your audience – what would they type in the search bar? A common trap to avoid is using industry jargon and professional colloquialisms; layman’s terms are more likely to be used online and on social media sites. Try tagging “interview” along with “talking head” and “cool lighting set up” instead of just “three-point lighting kit.” Don’t be afraid to mix high and low-brow keywords, and always consider your target audience!

4.     It’s All in the Title

Would you read a book if you didn’t like the title? Would you click on a blog post if it were named something completely generic? Web and YouTube browsers scan for content that catches the eye, piques curiosity, and promises something new, insightful or creative. Make sure your title is equally as compelling and engaging as your video. A bad title means bad numbers. Give your viewers a reason to click, and be sure to use a title that represents your video, with keywords that are featured in your tags.

5.     Keep the Descriptions Short

Trying to cram in as much as possible to “play it safe” is not the right tactic. For video descriptions, aim for two to four sentences in length. Especially on fast-moving video platforms, viewers are less likely to read a lengthy description. Keep it short but interesting, and avoid giving too much away, or else they will no longer need to click, “play!”

6.     Open Doors with Closed-Captioning

Your videos gain an entirely new audience with closed-captioning and subtitling for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers. 10% of North Americans have some kind of hearing impairment. Without captions, they will search instead for a video they are able to understand. So if transcription is added in your video’s post-production, anyway, why don’t more B2B companies go the extra mile? Usually, this is due to the added costs of creating and editing caption transcripts.

But in the long-run, allocating these resources will generate more hits, due to the fact that every pertinent word is written out and searchable online. Transcriptions can also be uploaded in many different languages. Overall, closed captioning is a fairly inexpensive way to make your videos more widely accessible.

7.     Don’t Neglect the Thumbnail

Striking, eye-catching thumbnails effectively increase clicks by 15%. This thumbnail is how potential viewers will judge whether your video is deemed interesting or not. To pique a viewer’s interest, select thumbnails that are macro shots, action shots, original, or colourful. Custom-created thumbnails (not merely a still frame from the video) also work very well with text written over the image. The goal is to have your thumbnail clear, attractive, and stand-out from the crowd.

Bonus: YouTube also highly values something called “watch time.” For more tips and tricks, see how watch time is affecting your company’s YouTube page: (https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/141805?hl=en)

We can help you get your YouTube video up and running! Contact us for a quote or more information.





This article was posted on March 10, 2015 at 15:05 in the Corporate category.

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