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April 14, 2015

We’re happy to welcome our new Producer’s Assistant, Andre Lai. Andre, one of our former interns, is a recent Concordia Communications/Film Studies graduate. He’s freelanced over the years as an editor, videographer, photographer, music composer, and graphic designer and is a great new versatile addition to our team.


We also bid a warm farewell to Sophia Loffreda, our previous Producer’s Assistant, who went from being a crack student intern to valued member of Picture This’ team. She’s now moving onto the Big Apple for professional scriptwriting and acting classes before starting her Master’s degree in Film Production this coming fall.


And with the arrival of spring comes two new interns, Katrina Tortorici, a Concordia University Journalism student, and Aaryman Sundarakishnan, a Loyalist College student with strong technical filmmaking skills. We’re delighted to have them with us through the spring.

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