5 Spooktacular Halloween-Themed Marketing Videos

October 15, 2015

Halloween is the ideal time for a different twist on your video marketing, a way to connect with your target audience in a lighter way. Need some inspiration in coming up with ways to incorporate Halloween themes into your brand’s video mix? Check our five devilishly clever examples below to see how brands as diverse as Crest, Ikea, Ford and Trulia have inventively worked Halloween themes into their marketing plans.

1) The Shining Redux

Ikea Singapore hit viewing gold with a brilliantly inventive homage to announce their later opening hours. A scary yet funny take on Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” was launched 2 weeks prior to Halloween in 2014  and quickly went viral on social media, racking up close to 4 million views and over 33000 Facebook shares by October 31 2014.

2.  Crest- the Effects of Halloween Candy

Give costumed kids scads of candy, throw in a sardonic adult host and record the results. A cross between horrifying and sidesplitting, the end message brings it back to Crest toothpaste perfectly.

3. Halloween Treats Gone Wrong

The predecessor to #2, one Halloween earlier, this witty entry features a panel of pre-school kids trying disgustingly healthy Halloween candy.  Amid the chuckles, the video again brings it subtly back  to the usefulness of Crest and Oral B.

4. Spooky Halloween Car Wash Prank

YouTube viewers love prank videos, and Ford’s subtly branded video of test drivers getting the scariest car wash of their lives captured over 1.7 million views and increased Ford’s Cool Factor among a younger demographic.

5. Haunted Open House Prank

Another in the prank genre, this time for residential real estate website, Trulia. In this video, unsuspecting visitors are terrified while touring a spooky open house they’ll never forget.  The ad cleverly drives home the message “Home searching so easy, it’s kinda scary.” And Trulia gets extra points (and a marketing boost) for also having integrated the video into a special Halloween website featuring a map of the best spots to track the supernatural, a nifty infographic on what scares people off from buying particular houses, and an invitation to visit their own haunted open house.

It may be too late to create a promotional branded masterpiece for this Halloween, but this is the ideal time to start planning for next year’s season. Contact us to brainstorm creative ideas or  to get a quote on your next themed video.

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