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Children’s App Includes Sign Language Option

November 4, 2015

Picture This is proud to have been a part of Budge Studios’ newest innovative app, Strawberry Shortcake Berryfest Party, the first children’s game to present voice-overs in American Sign Language (ASL).

Designed for ages four and up, children who communicate in ASL can play party games, shop at fashion boutiques, and make delectable desserts without missing out on the playful narrative.

When the “ASL” option is switched on, a small screen appears on the top right corner with an ASL translation.  We filmed Sera Kessab, a member of Seeing Voices Montreal a unique combined Deaf and hearing theatre troop, as she signed all the instructions for ASL users-  You may remember that Sera is one of the people we’ve been following for our latest documentary, Seen and Heard, a feature-length documentary film spotlighting the highs and lows of the mixed-language group.

Tested by children and parents whose first language is American Sign Language, the inclusive games aims for families in the ASL community to experience the world of children’s entertainment apps. “Strawberry Shortcake Berryfest Party includes sign language as a means for these families to experience all the fun the app has to offer,” said Michael Elman, Co-CEO and founding partner of Budge Studios, in a press release last month. “We can’t wait to share this game-changing option with our users.”

To view the official app trailer, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCeaFra5sM4

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