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Picture This Goes Back to School

December 4, 2015

We’re spending our year immersed in university life for both the fall and winter semesters. We’re currently shooting a series of 8 videos for Concordia University in Montreal.  The dozens of hours of footage we’re assembling will become part of a new online interactive tool that will help potential students abroad and in other parts of Canada get a deeper sense of what being a student at Concordia is like.

The videos will cover everything from academic concerns like “What areas can I study?”, “What do the learning spaces look like?” and “How do I access funding as a graduate student?” to equally important day-to-day issues like “What kinds of extra-curricular activities are available?” and “Where can I live and eat on campus?”

Hosted by four current Concordia students, the videos will continue filming through January, with post-production beginning in February and carrying through to April. The videos will go online in late spring, and eventually be housed in a new interactive site built especially for potential students.

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