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Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions For Companies Using Video

January 5, 2016

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions For Companies Using Video

Resolutions are big in everyone’s mind at this time of year. But we’re taking the heat off of you and putting the focus on self-help for your 2016 video marketing and promotions. Here are our top 5 must adopts:

1)   Trim Down:

No, it’s not about weight but about your video’s length. If in the past, you’ve caved to temptation and consistently put out promotional videos that are longer than the recommended 2 to 2:30 minute max, it’s time to slim down. Audience numbers drop off dramatically every 10 seconds as the video goes past the 120 second mark. To keep casual audiences engaged, respect the 2 minute rule. But you can still cheat on occasion. Videos geared to a more targeted audience with a higher interest level in your product or service can easily go longer while still keeping viewer interest and eyeballs.

2)   Take Stock

Even if your videos are in decent shape, it’s a good time to analyze what’s really working and what’s under-performing. Go online and carefully look at your video’s analytics. This is deeper than simple viewer numbers. How long do viewers stick with watching the video and where does their engagement lag? What do they do or where do they go after they’ve seen your video?  If your analytics can’t answer these questions or you don’t like these answers, it’s time to reassess your strategy and make sure you are spending your video dollars to achieve your marketing goals.

3)   Watch Your Social Media: Time to think about it differently.  Your competitor may have 10,000 more video views on YouTube than you do. But remember, it’s not really quantity but quality. It’s more important that your video be seen by your target audience. Also, how engaged is your audience? If they follow through on your call to action, your social media messaging is right on. Consider working with a social media strategist to ensure your videos are getting the right traction.

4) Learn a new Language: A big resolution for a lot of individuals, this premise can be transferred to your video marketing. Make sure your videos can be understood in multiple languages, starting with English. Using the captioning feature on videos makes your videos accessible to the 10% of your audience that is Deaf or hard of hearing, and another sizeable percentage who don’t use English as a first language. Have your script translated into another language (whatever language market is most useful in your region or target market) and you can reach out to your clients in their respective mother tongues. A word of warning: do not rely on YouTube’s automatic captions. They are notoriously unreliable and will offend your audience more than assist them.  Spend the relatively small sum to have the script translated and you’ll communicate with more than just your video’s pictures.

5) Take Action . A resolution doesn’t get kept on it’s own- you need a sense of direction and purpose. So does your video. It absolutely needs a “call to action.” What impulse is the viewer left with at the end of watching your marketing masterpiece? Whether you want the viewer to contact you, buy your product, register for a class or watch another video,  help them find their way. Be sure your video ends with a clear message telling them what to do next: a call to action.

6) Quit Eating So Much Chocolate: Sorry, our list ended at five. We can’t endorse this one- we can only handle so much self-improvement at once! Plus, you deserve a treat, don’t you?

Need help sticking to your resolutions? Contact us for some coaching?

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