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Put an End to Boring Corporate Videos!

February 2, 2016

Using Traditional Storytelling Techniques for Brilliant Corporate Videos

Let’s be honest: corporate videos can be dull. You know what we’re talking about – talking heads on camera spouting platitudes about the organization, endless shots of people at computers- in fact, this UK company did a brilliant spoof of exactly what you don’t want your next video to resemble!

So why would you want to let your organization create one of those boring videos? No matter how limited your budget is, you don’t have to be ho-hum. It all starts with imaginative storytelling. Use these two classic storytelling techniques to make corporate videos that are worth watching, re-watching and sharing!

1. Create Interesting, Memorable Characters

Chances are your video’s going to have people in it. Now, people are interesting. But you know who’re even more interesting? Characters. Characters have backstories, vibrant personalities, and charisma.

The characters in corporate videos should be no different. If you’re interviewing people, let them talk about things they’re passionate about. Undoubtedly they can list financial statistics or rattle off supply chain details, but watch how their eyes light up and their voice changes when they tell a story about the time they went beyond the call of duty for a client. If they’re excited and engaged, then your viewers will be as well. And in the end, your clients can read facts and figures on your website or in your printed material – they won’t remember them being said quickly on screen. Excitement and passion is a lasting feeling that will linger for your viewers.

This video, made by non-profit organization Mama Hope, is a good example. These young men helped write the video’s script to hammer home a message about dangerous Hollywood African stereotypes that might otherwise have come across as preachy.

Resist the temptation to feed people lines or make them memorize script for their on-camera appearance. Unless they are trained actors, it will feel stiff and scripted. Even a simple location or backdrop will work well if you let people be themselves and have their enthusiasm shine through.

2. Plot Your Plot

Corporate videos can often end up feeling static because they lack structure and fail to evolve. Plot points help keep your videos dynamic by consistently keeping things moving.

This doesn’t mean your videos need to have action-packed plots with more twists and turns than a pretzel factory. Most of the time, simply having a clear beginning, middle, and end with story movement in each phase is enough to keep a video well-paced and interesting.

Will It Blend? is a viral marketing campaign, launched in 2006 and still going strong, consisting of a series of infomercials demonstrating the powerful Total Blender by Blendtec. In every instalment, Tom Dickson, the Blendtec founder, attempts to blend various unusual items in order to show off the power of his blender. They start with a question- will it blend? Then he tries the item-no matter how weird- and curious viewers see the results. Cheap to make (they’re all shot with the company founder in one location) these videos rely on humour and creativity. And this creative storytelling formula has worked brilliantly. As of September 23, 2015, the Blendtec video series had collected a total of 265 million views on YouTube, the company founder has been featured on major mainstream media outlets worldwide and there have been reported sales increases of 700% since the campaign launched.

Need some coaching on how to take your next video from tedious to terrific? Contact us for some brainstorming power and a project estimate.

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