The Unsung Heroes of Video Making

March 1, 2016

How often is it that you find yourself watching film credits that seem to go on for almost half as long as the movie? It takes a lot of people and a lot of work to get those sounds and images up on screen.

This same process applies to corporate video production, though on a smaller scale. Meet these unsung heroes and discover what they do in each phase of production.

PRE-PRODUCTION: Planning the Attack

The more work that goes into the planning stage, the smoother the other phases of production will go. Here are some of the people that do that legwork.

Producer: Handles all the logistical aspects of the video, from controlling the budget, scheduling and organizing shoot days, to communicating regularly with the client.

Director: Works closely with the producer and client on the creative elements of the video, from deciding on a visual style, compiling a shot list, and casting on-camera talent.

Writer: Researches whatever he/ she needs to know to write the shooting script with the clients’ feedback.

Storyboard Artist: If your video requires complex shots or animation, a storyboard artist will map out the shots in the style of a comic strip.

Production Manager: Breaks down the final script and uses it to create an efficient filming schedule. Also may book locations, props and talent. May be the same person as the producer.


Production is where most of the heavy lifting happens, both literally and figuratively. While the director and producer continue with their roles, depending on the size and complexity of your video, there will be some or all of these additional people onboard.

The Camera Crew: Working under the director’s guidance, the camera crew – or camera person, depending on the size of the budget – sets up the shots and records the footage.

The Lighting Crew: On smaller budget shoots, the camera crew may double as the lighting crew. On larger shoots, members of the lighting crew have more specific roles like Gaffer (chief lighting technician) or Grip (lighting technician). They help paint with light and make the production’s images their best.

The Sound Crew: May include a sound recordist and boom operator (person who holds the big stick attached to the microphone) They record all the dialogue, ambient noise and room tone to capture great sound.

On Camera Talent: The actors and spokespeople that make up the cast of the video. Whether professional actors or people borrowed from your sales force, they will be coached by the director to deliver the best performances possible.

POST-PRODUCTION: Putting the Pieces Together

After all the footage from production is gathered, it’s time to wrap it all up and tie it together.

Picture Editor: Working with the editor and client feedback, the editor strings all the footage together in various cuts (versions), working from both the script and their own sense of pacing.

Online Editor/ Graphics: A bigger budget video may need a specialized editor who can grade (colour correct) all the images so they are consistent in tone and colour temperature. They will also be responsible for adding great looking titles, credits and other visual effects.

 Sound Designer:  On a lower budget project, this may be the same person as the picture editor. Or there may be a sound editor to add sound effects and mix multiple voice and sound tracks together to perfect pitch.

Music Composer: Only for the largest budget productions will a composer be hired to write and record an original score. Otherwise, pre-composed, royalty-released music will be used.

If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a small country to produce a video! Contact us to meet with members of our team.

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