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How to Use Online Video for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

May 6, 2016

Do you believe only big businesses with hefty marketing budgets can afford to use video? If you’re thinking TV commercial ad buys during the Super Bowl, you’re right. But small and medium sized companies can and should use online video in their marketing in straight-forward, cost-effective ways.

Let’s start with three examples of Canadian and US businesses that are using video to get a great return on this marketing investment.

1) Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply: Educating Their Clients

In 1996, husband and wife team Eric and Pattie Bouldier purchased Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply, a business dating from 1976 in Grass Valley, California. They’ve since established themselves as leaders in the field of organic supplies, in part by leading the way in online video marketing. They are constantly adding videos to their YouTube series to educate the home organic gardener and canner. And that knowledge creates a greater need for their products! Here’s one simple example starring Pattie:

2) Doucette & Wolfe Furniture: Showing The Manufacturing Process
Doucette and Wolfe Furniture is a two person custom furniture shop in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Their website looks, well, very old school. But they’re using video and social media to build a client base far outside their region by showcasing their highly skilled building techniques. Their simple videos often rack up over 100 000 views each and introduce new potential clients to their fine woodworking.

3) Spector and Co: Supporting Their Sales Team
Spector and Co is a Montreal based supplier of promotional and business gifts that often uses videos to help their sales team demystify their higher tech offerings. This video below shows off two of their customizable power banks while also instructing both salespeople and potential clients on how to best use them:

But Can We Afford It As A Smaller Business?

Yes, there is a cost to making videos like these- and that will likely start in the low thousands per video for a multi-part video series. Pricing will vary with the length and complexity of each video. But once you establish your budgeting sweet spot, you can set goals that will rationalize the cost. For example, the statistics on using a landing page or product video for websites speak loudly:

Wondering what your ideal video or video series would cost? And musing on how you can maximize its use for your organization? Contact us to discuss how video can economically and effectively become a part of your business marketing strategy.

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