Making Sure Your Video is Mobile-Friendly

June 14, 2016

Creating a Design Responsive Viewing Experience

Audiences expect seamless video playback on every mobile device  over 50% of online videos are watched on cell phones. Are your videos living up to your clients’ expectations? Scan our checklist to be sure!


  • UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL: To connect emotionally with viewers, close-ups and medium shots should be the rule. Don’t forget Long and Extreme Long Shots, but in most cases, sparing use is better.
  • GO SHORT: In general, under 2 minutes, and often under 1 minute, still rules as ideal timeframe for keeping viewer attention.
  • BOLD GRAPHICS, BIG TITLES: Graphics, titles and title cards need to be easily legible on a hand-held screen. Be sure yours are big enough to be seen.
  • BOLD THUMBNAILS:   A thumbnail image is the postage stamp-sized one that will grab viewers to watch your video. One bold image and succinct, large text is ideal. For more advice on creating the perfect thumbnail, read our post on Creating Thumbnails That Entice Viewers .
  • CALL TO ACTION: Make sure that any CTAs (Calls To Action, like an email sign up or requesting a quote) in your video works equally well for mobile users as for laptops. Not sure how to include a CTA? Read this post!


  • MAKE EVERYTHING ABOUT THE DESIGN RESPONSIVE: People won’t watch your video, let alone explore your site or purchase your product, if your site is not well designed for mobiles. Free your mobile landing page version of extraneous text and images so viewers can get the full impact of your video and the most important website messages.
  • ANY SIZE, ANYWHERE: Make sure your video sizes are ‘device agnostic’. That means that your video content works on iPhones (640px wide), Android phones, tablets and a large monitor (1920px). Content hosted on popular video sharing sites like Youtube and Vimeo will automatically adjust video sizes to accommodate the device, so aim for the highest resolution possible to achieve maximum effect on big devices.
  • THE NAME GAME: Use mobile friendly titles- front loaded with the most important words you need viewers to read because if they don’t see them, they won’t click on the video!

Need advice on making your next video for any and all platforms? Contact us for more info.


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