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5 examples of great onboarding videos

July 11, 2016

Videos That Work to Gain and Retain New Hires (Part I)

Many statistics show that employees who are formally on boarded, (that is, inducted to their new job in a structured way), have higher job satisfaction and far lower turnover rates that those who are given an informal job entry (usually a quick worksite tour and a stack of documents or web pages to read.) With the high workload and hefty costs of hiring and training new employees (an average cost of $10,731 according to the 2012 Allied Workforce Mobility Survey, you want to do everything in your power to retain new hires.

Here are five organizations that are using the power of video in differing but equally effective ways to attract and welcome new employees.


1. Coast and Country Housing

This charming video from England plays like a TV commercial, introducing team members at their jobs but also with their secret passions, from baking cupcakes to being regional darts champions. It manages to set up Coast & Country as a warm, welcoming place for all kinds of people to work without a single talking head:


2. Joe Gear New Employee Welcome Video

This personal and passionate message from CEO Rudy Niswanger feels sincere, has great energy in shooting style and music, and introduces new hires to the captain of their industry ship.

3. Dunkin Donuts Welcome Video

This video introduces new hires to the president of Great American Donut, Scott Fanning, while also laying out their three tenants of a great customer experience.



4. University of Maryland New Employees

This carefully scripted and artfully shot video nicely showcases all that is wonderful and welcoming about the neighbourhood, facilities and community of College Park, Maryland. While the opening welcome by the president of the university seems a little stilted, the rest of the video is framed with beautiful images, the voices and faces of the people who live there, and enough inspiring history of the region to inspire people to apply to work at this University

5. St George’s Hospital

A proud, heartwarming video that creatively highlights how each part of the hospital staff makes a difference in healing patients. Everyone from receptionists to transport staff to surgeons are shown as an important part of the team in this beautifully shot video that uses music and onscreen titles to craft a powerful sense of workplace pride.

Inspired? We’ll be following in the autumn with specific tips on how to create great onboarding videos that will help employees understand a company’s mission, values, and culture. But if you can’t wait, contact us now to discuss your company’s future induction video.

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