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December 1, 2016

Cold winds and falling snow turn thoughts to warm, sunny travel destinations. What most people don’t think of is the possibility of having to get home fast when a trip goes terribly wrong.

We created a short promotional video for Skyservice Air Ambulance, a worldwide air ambulance transport based in Montreal. Skyservice wanted something clean, fast-paced and different from the interview-based videos of their competitors to represent them at the prestigious International Insurance Journal (ITIJ) Air Ambulance of the Year awards. And they wanted it quickly- the award ceremony was coming up in just 3 weeks! After on-site research at their offices and hangar, we scripted a music-driven video that would give viewers a look into a typical mission and their professional, caring team.

We filmed a day and a half in their office, at a medical facility and in the air, to produce the video you see here to meet their three-week deadline. They have been proudly promoting the video widely on social media and through their homepage.

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