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Working with Old Friends

May 1, 2017

When you have a happy client return to work with you again, it’s like collaborating with a good friend. You know how to work together, you know each other’s strengths and you know you will enjoy the experience! That’s why we are especially delighted to now be working on videos with some repeat clients:



Last year, we had the chance to make a promotional video and a product usage video for this health care textile manufacturer. This spring, we’re combining animation, live action video and archival photos and videos for a  multi-video screen trade show presentation celebrating the company’s 40th anniversary!


Lightweight Technologies/ AutoMobility

We had fun creating this promotional video for their rear vision camera. Now we are scripting and filming the video product manual!



In 2015, we crafted 2 award-winning product videos for Simlog, a company that creates training simulation equipment and software. Now we have the chance to create two new product simulator videos for their latest simulators.

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