Back to School = Educate Yourself About Corporate Videos!

September 7, 2017

A crash course on planning and marketing videos

With September here and students back in the classroom, many adults also feel the pull towards gaining new skills. Why not use the changing of the season to learn something new – like how to best use the power of video for your business?

We’ve gone back through our blog archives and put together semester’s worth of posts that will help you brush up on your video marketing knowledge.

 * BUDGETING 101 and 102

  1.  Basic Budgeting : Eager to start using more video but have no idea what it might cost? Here are some basic guidelines on what your budget planning should entail.
  2.  Sticking to Budget : Got the budget planned but want to be sure your video production sticks to it? This article will help you keep your video in the black as it goes through planning, production and post-production phases.


  1. Corporate videos don’t need to be boring! Here are some great examples to enlighten your next project.
  2.  Narration can be fun, exciting and even inspiring. Here are some ways to make the words as interesting as the images in your next video. 


  1. Make it mobile friendly : Ensuring your video looks as great on a mobile device as it does on a laptop or desktop is easy to do with these few tips. 
  2. Helping viewers find your videos : Putting your video up on YouTube is easy. Getting the right viewers to see it isn’t. Seven tips to get the eyeballs you want to your videos. 
  3. Creating enticing screen grabs : A picture either entices people to click on your video or go onto the next one. Here are six pieces of advice to create thumbnails that will grab viewers’ attention. 
  4. Know your audience! Who is watching your videos? On what devices? From what city? How long do they watch before they move onto something else? Learn to make better make use of your video analytics.


And finally, making sure your video achieves its desired goal requires putting the right messages into it. Find out how to most effectively use calls to action in your videos.

Need any further tutoring on the subject of video marketing and corporate production? Contact us!

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