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Finishing off the year with 3 new videos!

December 11, 2017

We’re finishing off the year with the release of 3 new videos! Looking back, 2017 was quite the remarkable year for a few of our clients. Like for MIP Inc. who returned to us to produce a unique video to celebrate their 40th company anniversary; and for Dorel Industries whom we partnered with to create 16 videos to promote this year’s line of new products and the designers behind them. Concordia also returned to us to produce a very ambitious campaign video for the Concordia Alumni Association.

MIP 40th Anniversary

For The Clean Show, the world’s largest expo of laundering, dry cleaning and textile care services, supplies and equipment, our returning client MIP Inc asked for a video that would make them stand out. We collaborated with them to come up with a concept to take audiences through the timeline of the company from 1977-today. The video would play on three screens, with each screen showing different scenes from their past and present, at times and coming together into one panoramic vision. The visually arresting final version would be available in English, French and Italian versions.

Baby Relax: Hunter 3-pc kiddy table and chairset

Dorel, a public Canadian company that designs and manufacturers bikes, children’s products and furniture, came to us for videos to show off some of their best pieces from their “Living” & “Juvenile” brands. Working with the client, we mapped out 60-second videos featuring beauty shots of the product and its designer speaking to the inspiration, purpose, and materials behind each piece of furniture.

Next-Gen. Now. The Campaign for Concordia.

This year, Concordia has returned to us to produce videos for their most ambitious fundraising campaign yet with the goal of raising $250 million in support of the university’s nine strategic directions, titled: “Next-Gen. Now. The Campaign for Concordia”. Their first video showcases seven of Concordia’s next-gen researchers and their cutting-edge work across multiple faculties.

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