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Seen and Heard Will Be on CBC in 2018!

January 16, 2018

We are very excited to announce that 3 years after it was filmed,  Seen and Heard has been licensed by CBC ShortDocs to premiere online in the second half of 2018!   CBC Shortdocs is CBC’s online platform for exciting, short, shareable documentaries. With CBC onboard, we can now spend the first half of 2018 editing and finish the production!

Filmed throughout 2015 in English, French, ASL (American Sign Language) and LSQ (Langue des signes québécoise), the 8 part short documentary series will follow the adventures of Seeing Voices Montreal, a unique group where Deaf and hearing cast and crew members unite to mount unique Deaf-themed stage adaptations of fairy tales. The film also follows the Deaf cast and crew in their life situations outside of the theatre, from romance hampered by parental prejudice, to difficulties in finding and keeping work to keeping up in a hearing university. And through it all, the series will track the obstacles they face as this diverse group unites in their passion to create.

Keep tuned throughout 2018 to our Seen and Heard website, Facebook and following @seenandhearddoc on Twitter and Instagram for all the latest behind-the-scenes news on the production!

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