Will Augmented Reality Be the Future of Video Marketing?

January 25, 2018

Our first blog post of 2018 is a quick guide to the hot topic of Augmented Reality (AR), what it will mean to consumers and those of us who make content for them.

You probably already know about VR, short for Virtual Reality, computer-generated environments that are so immersive, users react to them the way they would do something in real life. For the past few years, it seemed like VR might become the next big thing in filmmaking and marketing but so far, the cumbersome headgear and paucity of content hasn’t lived up to the early expectations.

And now there’s AR – Augmented Reality. If VR tries to replace your reality, AR aims to enhance it – and without the bulky headgear.  Pundits now predict that AR will be the next big marketing wave – they estimate that the AR market could be worth $210 billion Canadian by 2024. So the start of 2018 is a good moment to delve into the current state of AR and look ahead into its future.  Here are four articles to help you get started:

  1. Big AR: The Current State of Augmented Reality
    A series of 4 blog posts by Medium that go in depth into the current state of AR and forecast future trends.
  2. Augmented Reality: Marketing’s Trillion-Dollar Opportunity
    AdAge looks at how augmented reality will change the way consumers work, shop and play in the next decade. 
  3. Apple Bets The Future Of Augmented Reality Will Be On Your Phone
    Wired takes an in-depth look at ARKit, Apple’s new augmented-reality platform
  4. How Augmented Reality Is Changing The World Of Consumer Marketing
    Forbes takes you to some brave new examples of brands already using Augmented Reality to impact buying decisions.
  5. 5 reasons Augmented Reality Will Be the Next Battleground
    The Next Web outlines some of the latest Apps, social media platforms and games taking the AR plunge and why.

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