Maureen Marovitch

Creative Director

Maureen Marovitch

Maureen is one of the founders of Picture This and the creative force behind much of the corporate and TV work we create. She’s able to understand a client’s needs and deliver concepts and scripts ranging from funny to poignant, uplifting or clear and practical.

Her scriptwriting and directing skills on corporate projects have won an impressive array of awards for Picture This, including a Silver Telly, the Robert W. Wagner screenwriting award and the Golden Ava from the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals.

Maureen has also directed, produced, researched and script written for many popular TV series and documentaries including Mystery Hunters, Dogs with Jobs, Risk Takers, My Brand New Life, Je Vis Ta Vie, Out in Montreal and Busy Bodies. Award-winning documentaries she’s wrote and directed include When Two Won’t Do and The Invisible Red Thread, and is series writer on the recent 6 part APTN series Watchers of The North.

Whether it’s comes to understanding a solar-powered security light or non-profit’s needs, Maureen gets the script penned fast!

Email maureen@picturethis.ca

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