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CESO Explainer Animation

The Project

CESO (Canadian Executive Service Organization) is a Toronto-based NGO that pairs volunteer business executives with domestic and overseas organizations that could benefit from their experience. CESO realized that potential client businesses and volunteers found it difficult to fully understand how their services worked. They needed a video tool to easily explain the relationship and benefit of CESO executive volunteer partnerships to hosting organizations.

The Process

We met over the phone with CESO administrators so they could fully explain their needs and to settle on a concept. Over several phone meetings and script drafts, we honed the video’s messages and accompanying visual concepts. Once we reached final draft script, we created storyboards to attain an animation style that captured just the right tone and feel and recorded French and English narrations. CESO gave feedback on the animation, tweaking small elements until we achieved the final look.

The result was an informative, fast-paced animated video that explained the complexity of CESO’s work, in highly visual, easy-to-grasp terms.


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