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40th Anniversary

  •  Client: MIP Inc.
  • Type: 40th Anniversary Corporate Video

The Project: Returning client MIP, is celebrating its 40th year in business, and wanted a unique corporate video to share the good news! For The Clean Show, the world’s largest expo of laundering, dry cleaning and textile care services, supplies and equipment, they asked for a video that would make MIP stand out. We collaborated with them to come up with a concept to take audiences through the timeline of the company from 1977-today. The video would play over three screens, with each screen showing different scenes from their past and present, at times and coming together into one panoramic vision. The visually arresting final version would be available in English, French and Italian versions.

The process: We spent three weeks searching through their archives and researching by phone with current and retired MIP executives, department heads and venture capitalist involved with the firm to get a deep understanding of their history, culture, vision and accomplishments. We then brainstormed a way to weave together the information with visuals on multiple screens. Two days filming at the MIP headquarters and a month of editing resulted in the visually sweeping final production.

The result:  The video was a hit for MIP among industry professionals at the Clean Show and is now proudly featured on the MIP homepage.

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