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  • Client: Proparms
  • Type: Promotional video

The Project

Proparms, a company that makes EOD/IEDD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal/Improvised Explosive Device Disposal – used by police and the military) tools came to us to create an exciting video for their newly revamped website’s homepage. Inspired by the slow motion explosions in the trailer for “The Dark Knight”, they were looking for a breathtaking video that would capture the impressive force and majesty of their products without any narration or written text.

The Process

Using a high speed Phantom Miro M320S camera and a Sony FS700 , we filmed a Proparms disrupter disarming a suitcase, then another disarming a duffel bag, then a simulated pipe-bomb, all of which exemplify the typical “threats” disposed of by Proparms’ products. The camera’s incredibly high frame rate (over 1500 frames per second (fps) compared to the usual rate of 30 for a video camera!) allowed the images to be slowed down in post-production, resulting in a video that shows off the intricate details of each explosion, along with the efficiency and precision of Proparms’ disrupters.

We also used an additional half day to film a series of product display videos, each disrupter slowly spinning on a turntable. After Effects was then used to perfect the ‘float & turn illusion’ in each of these 5 second videos.

The Result

The client was beyond happy! Proparms sent out 100 private email invitations to view the video on the first day their new website was launched. They had over 500 views within 24 hours, meaning the widely was immediately widely shared! Their views have been growing exponentially since the launch and they report fast growing awareness of their product line.


Picture This Productions, captured our attention immediately. It very quickly became clear to our team that they understood our vision and what we were hoping to achieve.  Our goal was to introduce our site with a powerful, yet beautiful visual demonstration of our equipment, with a musical score to match, all in less than two minutes.

Picture This Productions’ team delivered and the result is beyond our expectations.  Client feedback…… “Outstanding!”

Diane Anderson
Marketing/Sales Assistant
Proparms Ltd.

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