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This documentary series, to premiere on CBC Arts in fall 2018, tracks a mixed Deaf and hearing theatre group, Seeing Voices Montreal, from first auditions to final curtain call, as they go through the adventures of mounting an original play. The series follows the personal lives and theatrical challenges of mounting a production that works for Deaf and hearing audiences, while somehow communicating in four languages: English, French, LSQ (Langue des signes québécoise), and ASL (American Sign Language) both on and off-stage.

The filmmakers track the cast and crew outside the theatre space as some Deaf members struggle to find work in the hearing world, learn to drive in a special class for Deaf students, and deal with the rejection of parents who refuse to acknowledge their child’s Deaf partner. What happens back-stage, on-stage and in their off-stage lives will shine a spotlight on those in the Deaf and hard of hearing communities who often live largely unnoticed in the more dominant hearing world.

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