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This feature length documentary, with a one hour TV version, will follow a mixed Deaf and hearing theatre troupe, Seeing Voices Montreal, from first auditions to final curtain call – as they go through the adventures of mounting an original play. The story will follow the personal lives and theatrical challenges of actors who must make a play that works for Deaf and hearing audiences, while somehow communicating in four languages: English, French, LSQ (Langue des signes québécoise), and ASL (American Sign Language) both on and off-stage.

The filmmakers track the cast and crew outside the theatre space as some Deaf members struggle to find work in the hearing world, learn to drive in a special class for Deaf students, and deal with the rejection of parents who refuse to acknowledge their child’s Deaf partner. What happens back-stage, on-stage and in their off-stage lives will shine a spotlight on those in the Deaf and hard of hearing communities who often live largely unnoticed in the more dominant hearing world.  Follow the behind-the-scenes production with photos, video and more at: www.seenandheardmovie.com and help support our international crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo by contributing as little as $5! Perks include dining at Canada’s unique Deaf-staffed restaurant, “Signs”, beginner ASL lessons, a haunted tour of Montreal, digital downloads of the completed film and a personal screening party with the director and producers.

Help get this film “seen and heard” !


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