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The Invisible Red Thread

or Language: English / Mandarin with English subtitles

The Invisible Red Thread


The Invisible Red Thread follows fifteen year old Vivian Lum from Canada to China to discover the land she was adopted from as an infant.

She returns to her birth city and orphanage and also meets Shumin Zhu, a locally adopted teen girl. The girls compare lives as the film explores the ripple effects of China’s Family Planning/ One Child Policy.

The Invisible Red Thread travels the twists of fate that brought these girls to very different worlds, and the ties that still connect Vivian to China.

“Thank you for your wonderful film. We took our daughter and friend to the film festival in St. Paul and we all loved the movie. My husband and I were choked up with emotions, and the 12 year olds were giggling and loving the market and cooking scenes. It has spurred great family discussions!”

– Karen Anderson, Plymouth, MN

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  • Nomination, Best Multicultural Documentary, Yorkton Film Festival
  • Honorable Mention, Columbus International Film and Video Festival
  • Montreal World Film Festival
  • Vancouver Women in Film Festival

Omni TV

The Invisible Red Thread is made possible with 100% funding from the OMNI Television Independent Producers Initiative. The $32.5 million fund is a seven-year commitment created and made available for the independent production of third-language ethnocultural programming. The fund is not only dedicated to helping Canadian independent producers tell their stories in their language of comfort, but also to make sure that these stories are accessible to other ethnocultural communities through re-versioning in different languages. This is the industry’s first, and only, major source of funding for the independent production of non-official language programming. More details on the fund are at OMNI Television’s website www.omnitv.ca.

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