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The Swift UltraSlide System

  • Client: MIP Inc.
  • Type: Promotional video

The Project

MIP Inc., an engineer and manufacturer of healthcare textiles, needed two videos about the Swift UltraSlide repositioning bedding system. They wanted a promotional video for potential clients and then a training video to ensure proper use for the hospitals and healthcare facilities that had purchased the product.

The Process

We worked with the marketing team to fully understand the product, then created a shooting script for each video. These were honed through two drafts with the marketing team and a nursing consultant. We then cast a narrator and shot at a teaching facility using a combination of actors, nursing students and professional health care providers. Editing took a month to produce English and French versions of both videos.

The Result

It was a fun process to be around this team because they’re just so professional, they know what they’re doing, they bring a different level to the production […] My concern was always, “how do we explain our product to a video production company?”,  but they just listened, they grasped it, they did their research, and they had even just as much knowledge as I did at the end of the video. I trusted them with what we wanted to come up with. And the result was even better than we expected.

Nir Guzinski
Marketing Manager, MIP Inc.

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